In Remembrance of My Friend, Otto Franz Krone
We met as far as I can recollect, in the late 1950's. We were so different. I was a young lawyer trying to establish himself in the practice of Law while still clinging to a Folk Singing background and the love of the outdoors. Gene, then known to me as Otto Franz Krone was a mature, established, gentle friend. An artist and conversationalist, easy to talk to, non-demanding and always warm and easy to be with.
As I grew older, I began to fit more compactly into my world. Gene continued to follow his artistic path with all of the same qualities including friendship to me and my wife Mitzi. I admired his paintings and for legal services rendered one of his wonderful works became mine.
Throughout our friendship I began to notice Gene never painted a smiling face. He said he had often tried but couldn't. Gene carried a deep sadness somewhere in the center of his soul which I accepted as his friend and never questioned. He never discussed his upbringing and it wasn't until after his death that Sharon revealed to me that he had been brought up in an orphanage. I wish I could have learned of this earlier and learned more about my friend. Perhaps I could have tried to help him. Neither adding nor subtracting from who he was, just becoming a larger part of his life.
For over 40 years we kept in touch as old friends do from our different worlds. As he lay in the Veteran's hospital with his body failing, his warmth and love and sense of humor remained radiant and intact. Mitzi and I came to see him off shortly before he died so that we could keep his memory with us and so that we could share out life's friendship to the end.
Gene will always be "Otto" to me, a powerful and gentle member of our human race who enjoyed life and kept his dignity to the end.
Perry Pazer
Pazer & Eptstein, Attorneys at Law; NYC

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