New York City

Upon his release from the Ohio State Penitentiary, Otto came to New York City because he felt that that was where an artist should be. He heard about Greenwich Village as the place where one could find a gathering of all artists. He wanted to be amoung them. He began doing portraits on the street in the early sixties on Sixth Avenue and 4th St, acquiring some fame for his incredible drawing and painting ability and some notoriety for his "tough guy" attitude. Otto was also popular with the ladies. Young women liked him because he was always the gentleman. Even while being quite a "Casanova", Otto made women and girls feel wanted and important. He was a good listener.

Otto knew everyone in the Village and everyone knew him. Otto would hold "court" at Rienzi's and Figaro's, expounding on art and life for anyone who would listen. This is the time when Otto met his future wife.


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